Thinking about commissioning a new work to be written especially for you or your group?


Anyone who has experienced the buzz of sharing a performance premier will know how exciting it can be to have a work written with you in mind. Commissioning can stretch you or your members, play to your strengths, and offer new experiences.


Whilst exciting, the world of commissioning new music can seem a little daunting. Here are some frequently asked questions, with some of the most common answers.

Who Can Commission a Composer?


·       A solo artist seeking new repertoire

·       Both professional & amateur ensembles and groups

·       A filmmaker, choreographer, or visual artist wanting to add the aural dimension to their creative project

·       An organisation to celebrate a community event or landmark

·       A number of ensembles with a vision to bring a larger work to life at a shared expense


Why Not Use Existing Music?


·       Because its style, duration, and instrumentation have been tailored to someone else's project or needs

·       Because our generation has a responsibility to create our own legacy and to speak with our own voice.

·       We don't want to endlessly utilise existing music or play the same repertoire

·       Because cliché choices of preexisting music often break an otherwise innovative project


What Do You Get Out of Commissioning New Music?


·       A creative, meaningful, and memorable experience

·       A sense of pride and accomplishment

·       Perpetual recognition throughout the life of the piece - your name and/or the name of the person to whom you

       would like to dedicate the piece will appear in perpetuity on the printed music and on the recording

·       A chance to support and influence the arts in the most direct, tangible, and effective way possible


What Can You Expect from Me As the Composer?


·       I will make sure the music meets your requirements and expectations. I will ask about your unique circumstances

       and what stylistic approach, instrumentation, and form would be most desirable

·       I will communicate with you clearly and openly, listening to your ideas and will offer suggestions

·       I will set up a timeline for the compositional process and the premiere and/or the recording of the new work and

       will adhere to the deadlines we agree upon

·       I will prepare a professional score and parts reflecting my thorough knowledge of all instruments, focusing on

       clear communication of musical ideas and typographical settings for easy readability


What Are My Qualifications?


·       Extensive experience in both composing and arranging for soloists, chamber ensembles, orchestras, brass bands,

       choirs & vocalists

·       Extensive experience as a performer (soloist, chamber & larger ensembles)

·       Extensive experience in the direction and conducting of live ensembles

·       A solid education from a UK conservatoire

·       Extensive study of compositional techniques, history, theory, and psychology of music Read my biography to

       learn more.


How Much Will It Cost & How Long Will It Take?


Every commission is different. The creative fee and timeline will vary depending on the size of the ensemble and the length and scope of the composition. Please contact me with regards to preparing a budget.