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Goodbye Old Friend

A Euphonium & Baritone duet with brass band, written for City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Band who gave the premiere performance at the 2023 Welsh Open Entertainment Contest.
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Walt Disney was just twenty-five years old when he created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and the pair gained huge success, but that success was short-lived. In 1928, Disney travelled to New York City in hopes of negotiating a more profitable contract for the Oswald cartoons with his producer, Charles Mintz. Unknown to Disney, Mintz had been working behind his back to counter his own financial problems by stealing many of Disney’s animators and staff. Walt Disney was devastated and decided to let Oswald go, and in doing so, lose all the rights to the rabbit he had created and nurtured so dearly. 'Goodbye Old Friend' is a beautiful slow-melody for euphonium and baritone, communicating the profound loss Disney felt in losing his producer, staff, and most of all, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.